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    Marine Contracting, Permitting & Design

    Our crane equipped barge is available for marine construction projects including Docks, Piers, Wharves, Seawalls and Erosion Control.
    We can assist you with a project of any size from a new wharf to reconstructing an aging pier or dock to stopping erosion by means of granite rip rap or a seawall.

    We will work with the Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers as well as local government on your behalf to ensure that your project permits are approved as quickly as possible and work is completed without any adverse effects to our beautiful coastlines.

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    Marine Salvage & Diving

    X-Ops Marine Salvage

    We are available 24/7 for Marine Salvage Response.

    Maine Coast Marine possesses a superior level of professional and maritime experience making them effective and efficient in meeting the demands of Marine Salvage. We have the ability to mobilize the X-Ops crew anywhere in North Eastern North America within 24 hours to in response to a marine casualty.

    Maine Coast Marine provides commercial dive services on an international basis for salvage operations, underwater cutting and welding, recovery and inspection.

    We have built working relationships with Government agencies and private companies alike to provide the most efficient, responsive, cost effective solutions in the market when it matters the most.

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    Marine Fabrication

    We offer welding and fabrication spanning a wide range of materials and structures from aluminum docks to steel hull repair and more.

    Services can be provided at our yard in Winterport, ME or on-site through our mobile equipment set-ups.

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    Equipment Rentals

    Maine Coat Marine offers an extensive array of rental equipment designed for a wide variety of marine jobs.

    Available equipment includes barges, work boats, tug and push boats, cranes marine support equipment.

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